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People`s Review

“Adventure and family time”
spent a great time with my family, my children enjoyed the adventure so much and we got more close as a family, very affordable for us.
Maga266 http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
San Diego,

We stayed here on a Copper Canyon tour and found it charming. It was very windy when we were there and dust was blowing around, so would recommend a hat.
salandri... http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
North Georgia

“im like Villa Mexicana”
the creel invite you to visit this Christmas, my family years ago, before we traveled to loud, my dad…
rods90 http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
el paso

“excelent hotel”
spent a few days, my friends were impressed with the sight of the place and especially being in the midst of Copper Canyon …
Markerir... http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
san antonio tx

“enjoy with my family a very exciting ride”
I went with my family to a magical village in advertising so he received my mail, I can tell you is true, we stayed at a hotel recommended on the website and I can tell you that Mexican village is a magical
alfred76... http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
El Paso Tx

“Clean rooms, good food - worth the visit”
This hotel is composed of individual log cabins…
Godguy http://c1.tacdn.com/img2/x.gif
Reston VA