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Tour #1

We would take you into the Indian Tarahumara Caves going through different formations of rocks like mushrooms and frogs. We Would visit the valley of San Ignacio where you'll see the old mission of San Ignacio built by the Jesuits 300 years ago and we would make a stop at Lago de Arareko. The tour will last 2 hours.
* Rate: $18.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people

Arareko Lake
Tour #2

We will drive through another formation rocks, the elephant and turtle, we'll pass through Lago de Arareko and we'll be going to the indian village of Cuzarare surrounded by a beautiful valley, schools and missions where you'll see murals at the mission more than 300 years old.
We would have a walk for 2 miles to the Cuzarare waterfall which has a fall around 60 meters tall. This will last about 6 hours.
* Rate: $25.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people

Cuzarare Waterfall
Tour #3
This is special for people that loves hiking. We would take you to the rim of Rekohuata canyon where you'll have a high down to the canyon and will enjoy swimming in a beautiful hot springs with mineral waters. This will last around 6 hours.
* Rate: $25.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people
Rekohuata canyon
Tour #4
We would have a nice drive into the famous Divisadero Barrancas, famous look out point to the Tararecua and Urique's canyons. This drive is only at 30 miles on a paid road with a duration of 5 hours. * Rate: $25.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people
Copper Canyon
Tour #5
Get ready to see one of the deepest canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental. We would drive through the Basihuare Canyon and then into the Urique's Canyon and down to the river. Then we would stop at the most spectacular scenic view of La Bufa canyon. Duration 4 hours. * Rate: $55.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people
Basihuare Canyon
Tour #6
Enjoy the scenic drive to the third largest fall in the world in one drop named Basaseachic that has 1000 feet fall and you'll enjoy a nice lunch right on the rim. We would drive on a paid road about a 140 miles. Duration of tour 9 hours. * Rate: $5500 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people
Basaseachic Waterfall
Tour #7
You think you have seen them all?, NO, we would drive to the most unforgettable trip on your life, we'll drive to all the canyons and we'll go from pine trees to a tropical area which you'll see the Pueblo of Batopilas and you'll enjoy swimming on the river of Batopilas. This pueblo is connected to the state of Sinaloa so we almost at sea level. This tour is recommended over night, there are different types of accommodations. * Rate: $75.00 dlls each
Minimum 4-6 people
Tramway " Barrancas "
New Tour #8
Tour to  the Copper Canyon Park
Transportation from  creel to the Copper Canyon park.
Tickets to the Park
Ticket to the Tramway
Box Lunch
Tour aprox. 4 hrs. $75.00 dlls. per person