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The Barranca del Cobre, or Copper Canyon, is one of five major canyon systems that interconnect in a twisting maze in this remote part of the Sierra Madre Occidental. With a range in depth from 5,313" to 6,136 feet, the barrancas (canyons) are not only deeper than their more famous sister to the north, the Grand Canyon, they cover an area four times larger.
Long before miners and Jesuit missionaries first came to the area, the barrancas sheltered the Tarahumara Indians, many of whom still remain semi-nomadic. They have for the most part clung to their ancient Ways. In fact, the canyon lands today offer a surprising mix of tourist resorts and primitive Indian villages.
50,000 Tarahumara make their home this region. Some live in modest homes without furniture, others in caves. Many spend their summer in the highlands, living in wooden cabins, then retreat down into the canyon floor after the November harvests, Although the Tarahumara fish the rivers, 80% of their diet consists of what they grow-beans, squash, potatoes, and corn.
The Tarahumara are known for their long distance running. The name Tarahumara is actually a Spanish derivation of Raramuri, which means "foot runners". A favorite activity is an endurance race in which wooden balls are kicked along steep mountain trails, The Competition can last more than 48 hours and cover over 170 miles. Each year, a few Tarahumara are recruited for the International marathons.
The train from Los Mochis to Creel climbs from sea level to an altitude of 8,071 feet, crossing 34 bridges and burrowing through 821 tunnels. Highlights of the twisting route along the canyon rim include: the 355 foo thigh Rio Chinipas bridge, the 3,074 foot-long, La Pera tunnel that drops a hundred feet as it makes a u-turn inside a mountain, and the incredible El Lazo loop which the track actually over itself
Don't miss this truly extraordinary Copper Canyon adventure, described by Reader's Digest as "the most dramatic train ride on earth".


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